カナダ横断 大西洋(東)⇒太平洋(西)
総距離 : 7900KM

期間 : 2011年5月27日から104日 (129泊130日間)

テーマ : 『震災支援 ありがとう』



Travel distanceabout 7900KM
DateFrom May 27th  2011 to Oct 4th  (129days)
Theme:『Thank you for your 311 disaster supportCommunicate with the local Canadians through crossing the country by his bicycle which shows the “Thank you message" in English & French.Looks for the relation between Japan & CanadaIn addition, bring donation which received on the road ways to Japanese consular

ニュージーランド 南北両島 1周
総距離 : 4060KM

期間 : 201224日から44日 (60日間)

テーマ :  『震災から共にたちあがろう』

Earthquake Recovery   Kia Kaha!! We Are The ONE

Kia Kaha NZの先住民Mauiの言葉で「強くあれ!」「Stay Strong

クライストチャーチと東日本大震災 同時期に大災害に見舞われた国 1年に経つ時期にあわせ 共にたちあがろうとメッセージを携え 南北両島をそれぞれ1周


New Zealand Around the both Northern and southern islands
Datefrom Feb 4th to April 4th 2012 (60days)
Theme["Kia Kaha "  Let's get back from the earthquake disaster ]
Kia Kaha= means Stay Strong in Maui,tha lauguage of the native people in New Zealand

Christchurch and Eastern Japan were both suffered from the big Earthquake at the similar time.
After one year past from disaster, was biking both islands with the message "Let's recover from the earthquakes together" 

台湾 1周      

総距離 : 1200KM 

期間 : 2012425日から5月25日 (31日間)

テーマ :   『震災支援 謝謝台灣』



*台湾島19すべての市・縣の首長や重役の方々から、青森県から千葉県まで太平洋沿岸部6県58市町村の首長へ 合計112通送付 (他:民間企業同士 3通)

Around Taiwan

Date : from April 25th to May 25th 2012 (31days)
Theme : [ Thank you Taiwan for 311 disaster support ]

Communicate with a lot of people in Taiwan by showing them the thanks to disaster supports,
which is sent to Japan from Taiwan.
Also looks for he deep relation between Japan and Taiwan ,history and root
the 19 heads from all the cities & prefectures in Taiwan island wrote handwriting message on postcards for disaster area Eastern Japan.
Send 115 postcards to the disaster area (The Pacific coastal area where suffer from Tsunami, 6 prefecture governors, 58 municipalities.